Reeperbahn: alone with red lights

One attraction of Hamburg is the famous Reeperbahn in district St. Pauli. Famous…for what? Well for example for that…

Reeperbahn Hamburg
And for that as well…
Reeperbahn Hamburg

Okay, thats only ONE for women, all others aim as usually…men. But don’t worry, there is enough to do and to see on REEPERBAHN, the main street of Hamburgs red light district.


A girl alone on Reeperbahn?

As I was alone in Hamburg and I didn’t want to miss the infamous Reeperbahn, I decided to check it out alone. A girl alone on friday night in this district…I have to confess I was curiuos and a bit nervous. And that’s the story:

To start your Reeperbahn tour you can get out at metro station and have a look at the giant wheel of the attraction park Dome…

Dom Hamburg Reeperbahn

From that point I started walking down the street …the Reeperbahn…surrounded by groups of retired tourists as well as youngsters in crowds, giggling on front of special shops…

The Reeperbahn is there for everyone.  Theaters, clubs, restaurants, sex shops, bars and table dance are waiting for you.

Reeperbahn shop


But the first thing I entered was this shop. Huge security guys (Hulk-lookalikes) were guarding the door and tried to take away my coffee (I succeeded).

Shopping on Reeperbahn
The shop was very lets say well equipped, and enourmous. The customers: mainly pairs, I guess I was the only single woman there. The pair next to me stares at me when I have a look at the dessous, how funny. Apperently only a married woman is supposed to buy stuff like that.
The staff: very friendly and helpfull, though they gave me a surprised look when I told them “no, I’m alone here”. So they recommended me a nice bar and some nice sights in Hamburg.


The most famous police station in Germany can be found on the “Kiez” as Reeperbahn is named. The Davidwache is not only a sight, but the active representants of the strict german police, which is the remedy for incidents that use to happen around. Everybode takes a picture but leaves very fast, how comes (:

Davidwache Reeperbahn Hamburg


Near the Davidwache the theaters can be found. Revues, cabarets and much more are on stage, mostly in german. The party crowd can’t be found there.

Reeperbahn theatres
The next stop I made was the “Grosse Freiheit” – big freedom. The place is mostly crowded with tourist which make a guided Reeperbahn tour, guided by one of the celebrities of the Kiez.

Grosse Freiheit Reeperbahn Hamburg
Following this street you will find strip clubs (for men AND women), dance clubs and cocktail bars. Let’s give it a try…

Grosse Freiheit Reeperbahn Hamburg
Entering a dance club on Grosse Freiheit as a woman is…totally unspectacular. You go to the bar, order a drink, dance, watch the other people, and leave. No big deal nowadays. Women welcome….emanzipation baby!


Women welcome?

NO, not everywhere. Dare to enter the Herbertstrasse as a woman, and men shout at you, throw beer on you and so on. So seen and have been warned before I could enter and ruin my coat. That’s a NOT often named side of the district of joy, and nowadays a real scandal…and YES, I’m very curious what happens there. Somebody has to tell me – now!

Reeperbahn Hamburg


Resumee: a girl alone on Reeperbahn

– people stare at you yes, but they leave you alone or are even helpfull
– In a club: nothing special, just the usual looks at your legs or somewhere else.
– getting around: with the metro and walking, nothing special
– in a shop: again, they give you a little strange lookl, but that’s all.
– In a restaurant; nothing to mention.
– Among the hoes: the are polite and used to the looks of tourists – but you should give them the respect every human and woman deserves.


Where is what on Reeperbahn:

Reeperbahn map
Bars and Entertainment (blue & yellow)
Albers Bar (4): original Reeperbahn culture. Cosy and chilled guys, good food and drinks
Hamburg Alm (24)- bar and hostel, obviously not for silence seekers
Olivia Jones Show Club (109): cult cabaret, show, dance, beer and relax…the perfect spot.
Wunderbar (76): the gay scene on Reeperbahn

Shops (pink)
Boutique Bizzare (204): go in and find out
Kiezadel (220): wear the Reeperbahn street style
Strandgutfischer (242): hand made magnet boards, creative stuff

In the dawn:
The tradition tells you to end your night at St. Paulis fishmarket (94), if you are still standing you are one of the great survivors of a long night on reeperbahn. “Prost” on that!

Fischmarkt St Pauli



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