A party night in Ho Chi Minh

This is an article about nighlife in the center of Saigon…well HCM, and that means: you’re going to spend some serious money. What you’ll going to get? Have a look here.

EON Heli Bar HCM_100places100kisses

Start the evening
with watching the sunset in the EON Heli Bar:

I would recommend you to book a table in advance, to make sure you have the best spot for the sunset, accompanied by live music.
The drinks are excellent (I always test a caipirinha, only very good bartenders know how to mix it), and the staff is super friendly.
Prices are high, of course (Caipi 10$).

Watch the sun to go to sleep.a night in HCM 8_100places100kisses










Before jumping into the real nightlife take some time to take a walk on the Nguyen Hue street. There the buildings got in shape for a promising evening as well as you did.

a night in HCM 4 _100places100kisses       a night in HCM 9_100places100kisses      a night in HCM 1_100places100kisses


Move on to the Chill Skybar:

Honestly, it is NOT my favourite place in HCM, because the waiters are unfriendly and arrogant (if your bill is under $100). But if you ignore them it’s THE hotspot for a good party (I was there end of May 2015, and it was foaming).
You have to pay about $12 entrance fee, but you get a cocktail for that, which is really a good one. Drinks and cigars are as expensive as expected.

A night at Skybar (may15)

A night at Skybar (2) may15









Why to go there: the open bar on the roof has an damn great DJ, and you’ll dance holes in your heels in one night.
When to go: Fridays and Saturdays!
Where it is: AB Tower, 76 Lê Lai, Bến Thành


And when the sun is rising above Ho Chi Minh, you can find your romantic place near the river…watching the city waking up, before you go to bed.

a night in HCM 10_100places100kisses



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