8 stunning corners in Barcelona


The Wounded Shooting Star


Its said to have been real houses of the once neglected city part from which this sculpture was made.
However, I love to lay in the warm sand and stare at the blue sky and the rusty house. I really don't know why (-:
Find it: At the platja de San Miguel, Barceloneta. Metro Station: Barcelonata.





Barcelona_blessed air_100places100kisses

Barcelona_Camp Nou_100places100kisses


Camp Nou

If you are a football fan or not - seeing a FC Barcelona (Barca) LIVE game at Camp Nou is an incredible adventure.
Imagine 100.000 people making the wave whenever a score is made. Against Santos they made 8 of them (versus 0). Messi and Co were really bored.
Find it: C/Arístides Mallol 12 and Av. De Joan XVIII. Check the exact adress for your entrance (this is on the tickets) to avoid to orbit the whole stadium, which will take some time.


Balcony of Sagrada Familia

Of course Sagrada Familia, you might say. Well, for me it's not naturally to go into every church I see. But I longed to go into the SF, and I was damn right (uuups).
What I recommend: 1) Book the tickets in advance. No kidding, you'll have to wait at least 2 hours without that!  2) Pay the whole amount to go on the tower.  Overlooking the SF will give you memories you'll never forget. Be brave and go out on the balconies that are nestled to the outer walls. A strange feeling, but never cry (-;
BTW: the final completion year is going to be 2028. Still some time left for my next visit.
Find it: Carrer de Mallorca, 401. Metro Station: Sagrada Familia

Barcelona Sagrada balcony_100places100kisses

Barcelona_Park Guell_100places100kisses







Park Güell

The best place at park Güell is the Greek Theatre with the colourful benches, overlooking the city. Take your time and let the japanese tourist groups take their pics and leave. There will come the moment, even in high season, when you will be nearly alone there.
The Laundry Room protico is great for finding shade and cleaning the eyes from the blazing mosaiques.
Don't try to wait for taking photos at the dragon stairway. Its the most overrated place in the park in my opinion (and of course I waited, but the result was not extremely interesting, maybe because of my irritated expression as well).
Find it: Carrer d'Olot, Metro Station: Valcarca.

La Bouqeria:

Again a crowded place, but the best fruit shakes, fresh fruit and snacks.
Take a short rest and enjoy a snack with a red wine. Forget the sangria. But the best is still the fruit juice, the best I got in an european city so far.

Find it: At the Rambla.

Barcelona LaBouceria_100places100kisses

Barcelona_Bubo Born_100places100kisses 

Bubo Born


Lets stay on track. Bubo desserts are under the top 3 of the best desserts I - as dessert lover - ever had in the whole world. As you can see in the picture: A treat for the mouth... a treat for the eyes.
Find it: The pastry is situated in a corner of the square facing the Santa Maria del Mar church. Metro Station: Jaume I.

Les Quinze Nits


Maybe you know the problem: You are on city trip. You visit all sights. You walk your soles numb. You get hungry. But everyone knows that food at touristic sights is expensive and bad.
I have the solution for you: Les Quinte Nits .
Excellent dishes, wine and desserts. And moderate prices. You'll love the chilled atmosphere at Placa Reial.
Find it: enter Placa Reial from Rambla. Turn left, its on the corner. Metro Station: Liceu.










Barcelona_Les quinte nits_100places100kisses

 Placa San Miguel_Barcelona_100places100kisses







Everything on wire


Wandering through the gothic quarter you should visit the wire sculpture at Plaça de Sant Miquel.
Have a drink and wonder why its' catching your eye for so long. Honestly, it's only wire. 

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